Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This version dated January 2014.

Please note the information on this page is intended to give a general overview and there may be exceptions to the answers for journals published on behalf of partner organizations or if there are variations due to specific publishing requirements for the research community represented by the journal. If in doubt please check the journal homepages or contact the publisher.

Use of figures 

Completing the copyright form

Deposit on repositories

Author’s Original: the author's version of the article before peer review or editing.
Accepted Manuscript: the original version after any changes made during peer review but before any editing, typesetting etc. by the publisher.
Final Published Version: the version published by IOP in the relevant journal.
Version of Record: the definitive, authorised version of the manuscript which is hosted on IOP's servers and may include any post-publication corrections or enhancements.  

Before acceptance

After acceptance or publication

Author's rights after publication by IOP (articles not published on an open access basis)

Rights of third parties

Open access

Further information and other queries

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